Dripper Information

Drippers come in a range of "on-line" button drippers with fixed flow rates as well as "in-line" drip tube with fixed flow drippers pre-inserted into poly pipe. In-line drip tube is ideal for row crops as well as heavily planted gardens.

Low flow rates of 2, 4 and 8lph allow water to penetrate soil slowly, preventing waste run-off.

For improved performance most drippers are also available with pressure compensating action which keeps their flow rate constant over a wide range of pressures.

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  • Drippers

    Agri Dripper
    Agri Dripper PC
    Turbo Key Dripper

  • Drip Tube

    TORO DripEze
    Netafim Typhoon
    Netafim Python
    Netafim Ozline
    Netafim Dripnet PC

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